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Song is “Transformations”

10/01/09 11:57:14AM
Terentek Ah there are many words for those moments of such lucid clarity.
In Buddhism they call it “Satori”, in psychology, “Floodlighting”
But what does it matter what they call it.
What it is, is a very small window into a higher state of being.
Having experiences many such moments myself, and sang one or two songs about it,I can fully appreciate the driving force to capture something of it’s spirit, and IMHO, there are passages within, just fleeting moments, the phrasing of a piano, the gentle sliding bass…
Something is there.

Perhaps the term cosmic consciousness best describes to those who have felt it?
It is the certain knowledge that everything belongs and all the universe wants is every man, woman and child happy.

As you sing…
“There are no limits”
No time, no distance,no degree of separation between anything or anyone.

Superb musicianship throughout, the dazzling tapestry shifts wonderfully around you all.
This must have been quite a labor of love David, again, I can fully appreciate that.
There are moments as musicians/songwriters when it seems we are the conduit and not the player/writer.

It is epic, it is all encompassing, and not one second is wasted.
Bravo mate……………Nigel Potter

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Terentek says:

My pleasure David.
Every word is earned and true.


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