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“Do you remember when music was so meaningful to you that it changed your life?”

Well, I do.
And these are words written by David C Deal, that you will find on his artist page– an excerpt from his own “Transformations” CD. Perhaps reading through his message, “A word from David about Transformations,” will send you on a journey, in and of yourself, like no other that you have experienced.
It’s a journey that I embrace, with arms that welcome both quality music and a path to find what is waiting deep inside myself. I met David on MIXposure, and after reading his bio, checking out the music and also his personal website, I got to talking and interacting with him and the people in chat during one of our radio shows. I quickly realized that this person I was talking to is a man of great substance, experience and diverse talent– a man of several dimensions, so to speak. Through his music, I believe he can open up new dimensions for ourselves, in our own worlds of music and self-searching.
Music and self-searching… they go hand-in-hand, don’t they? Perhaps it will do the same for you. I want to take this opportunity to proudly present MIXposure’s choice for September Artist of the Month:

Dr David C Deal, aka “songdoc”. Enjoy your trip, folks!


aka WildHoneyPie

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