“Wow! Wow! Wow!” – Heinz Karnitschar

(review of “Dark Night of the Soul) Wow! Wow! Wow! Man David, this is truly the darkest, most mysterious song I’ve heard of your repertoire. I just read the info above, and it’s intriguing! This song has a lot of power, let me tell you. That haunting, repetitive piano, the great percussion, the deep guitar sounds. And your voice – man! It reminds me of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. This definitely is one of my faves of yours David! Did I say ‘Wow’ already? Incredible soundscape, loved it!!

Heinz Karnitschar

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Jon Spencer says:

“Dark Night of the Soul” is definitely one of my favorite songs on Transformations. I have to agree with Heinz. Love it.

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