“Transformations” is one of those `must have` CD’s” – Chris Bishop

“Transformations” is one of those `must have` CD’s … its a spiritually moving journey that allows `Reflection` of self, but also allows us insight into David Deal too.
I used the word `Reflection` for good reason, as many of us reach a point in our lives where we become aware of greater things than self, but we need to find ourselves through reflection to see this … it allows us to `see` with eyes a new.

Of course not everyone will experience this `Transformation` and for those that do, their journey will tell a different story, but for those with eyes to see, will regardless relate with ease and comfort as we follow David’s awakening or revelation.

Many talented musicians have helped create the story of David’s transformation, and once you’ve listened to this new Album you quickly become aware of a oneness of understanding that’s very much needed to create such an outstanding musical works.

Congratulations to the talented David Deal, and all those helping to transcribe David’s love and understanding.

Chris Bishop . . . .  Administrator: http://popspace.co.uk/

Sound Engineer and Music Producer

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