“I am….BLOWN AWAY!!!” – Rob

David, I have to tell you something. First……yes, I have been listening to your music, for as long as I have known you here….and I have enjoyed it. BUT!!! Putting your music on, in a CD form and listening to it in it’s full content and context…….and having a superbly packed CD, in hand……DAVE!!! I am….BLOWN AWAY!!! I have to tell you. I ordered your CD and one from a band called UNIFAUN, from myspace. They are a GENESIS sounding band. I was very anxious to hear them, as well. Out of loyalty, I decided to listen to yours first, but thought, since I already knew your music, I might listen to a few tracks and anxiously put on the other. DAVE!!! This didn’t happen. I was SO ENTRANCED by your CD and the music and everything about it, it’s going to stay right where it is. I LOVE IT!!! Dave…….I will be doing a Review BLOG for your at MIX, as soon as I have had a few listens. EXCELLENT WORK and the other CD will have to wait, until I’m ready to listen to something else. I hope you understand what I mean and don’t take this the wrong way. I also have a few PROG friends on the NET that will be made fully aware of your CD.


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