“Don’t miss out on the Deal….DAVID C. DEAL, That is…TRANSFORMATIONS” – Rob Grant

David C. Deal – Transformations I purchased this CD from David 3 weeks ago and I have listened to it, well over a dozen times. I knew I would want to write a review for him, but I wanted to get a true feel for the whole CD. The very first day I put it in my player, I found myself cranking it up, as each song played. I knew I was going to like this CD, but I had no idea, how much it would grow on me. With each listen, I picked up more depth of the music and more feel of each of the players involved. This was no “indie” artist CD I was listening to, this was as good as any CD I ever listen to. The quality of production, arrangement and musicianship was stunning me. Now, I hate to use artists to compare sounds, but this CD has styles ranging from Alan Parsons, Styx, Pink Floyd to a Disney Movie or a Broadway Production. The CD opens with a Beautiful instrumental, featuring piano and flutes…….a very classical proggy ambient piece of music. This is followed by a heavier rock piece, with a touch of Styx influence, sung by Les Brooke, who has a fantastic voice. His 3rd track features the vocals Cynthia Lugo, who has an extremely beautiful voice. She also sings 3 other tracks on this CD and does so, with various styles of progressive rock, broadway, pop, blues and movie. She sings with such strength, you can’t help, but be moved by her emotions. I don’t mean to single out just a couple of the artists, because all of the players on this CD are TOPS at their instruments. David is the composer of all of the songs and the main player of keyboards on this CD. There are NO lame tracks and the CD moves quickly by and you’re starting over, before you know it. The song arrangement is excellent, to keep the flow of music just right. I HIGHLY Recommend this CD, for those who LOVE good music, in a rock style………It’s progressive and it’s very pleasant listening. It’ll get heavy, at times, but it’s never overbearing. I give this CD…ALL of the Stars, I possibly can….+++++ Laughing David!!! Thanks, for the GREAT Music……..and at $10.99, ya can’t beat the price either……hehehehehehhe OH YEAH!!!! The packaging is PROFESSIONAL….SUPER!!! I couldn’t believe how nice it was. It’s the best “indie” CD packing, I’ve ever gotten and as good as any pro artists, as well. Rob Grant

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