The works posted on these pages are the product of the time, love and talent of  many, many people. I first want to thank my wife, Marion.  We have journeyed through this life together since we first met in “drivers education” class. Among the uncounted blessings from our relationship, she has consistently and lovingly supported my artistic passions.

Some of the musicians who played on the posted songs include Les Brooke, Tom Hannah, Tim Vargo, Andrew Vargo, Cynthia Lugo, Andrea Bok, David Coonrod, Ned Clark, Kevin Peters, Kristin Sorensen, William O’Connell, Ked Deiter, Rob Hanlon, Richard Gonzales, Mack Sanders, Joseph Rodriguez, Michael Duryee, Bob Ross, Peter Tamdog, Farrell Jackson, Carol Sue Kirkpatrick and “Jolee”. I want to extend special thanks to Arthur Kills Straight Putnam who wrote and recorded all of the native flute parts which follow each  song in “Transformations”.  Below you can find websites and further information on their, often outstanding endeavors.

Les Brooke: Les is an incredibly talented musician (vocalist, bass player) and sound engineer who is always in some top notch band or two or three or…… We have shared music in our church choir and and contemporary, Christian band for decades. We have also been band mates in a Pink Floyd tribute band named “One of these Daze” and in a band named Hobson’s Choice.

Tom Hannah: Tom is one of those quiet guitarists who plays with intense emotion. We have played together in a contemporary Christian band, in the Pink Floyd Tribute band, “One of these Daze” and in “Hobson’s Choice”.

Tim Vargo Tim Vargo owns a recording studio in Northwest Ohio called “Roamin’ River” studios and is an intense, classic rock guitarist and composer. He has produced several fantastic CD’s including, “Still Payin The Dues”   On a personal note, Tim and I have played together in a Pink Floyd Tribute band. Tim kindly helped me start the first professional recordings of my music and was my “mentor” when learning the possibilities of mixing.  He also recorded several of the songs off of the CD, Transformations, at his studio.

Andrew Vargo: Andy is a “drummers drummer”. He does not just keep the beat but is a true artist and composer.  He has played with innumerable bands and musicians and is simply one of “the best”.

Cynthia Lugo: If you heard her vocals on many of the songs on “Transformations”  little more needs to be said. Her vocals are incredible, her range of musical styles unreal. We once shared the stage in “One of These Daze” and she is a joy to play with. She is currently in the band named Venyx

Andrea Bok: I was honored to participate in Andrea’s childhood through my local church, where we eventually sang in choir together and played in a contemporary Christian band together.  Andrea was in High School when she performed the flute solo on the song “Graceful”. Since then she has traveled on to achieve a degree in music and is now involved in family and life in Florida.

David Coonrod: David plays bass on a majority of my posted songs. He is an all around, extraordinary musicians who teaches guitar for a living, plays bass for enjoyment, can transcript music like Beethoven and is a multi talented composer. The songs I call “mine” would be much less without the amazing contributions of Dave’s bass, his wonderful talents in composition and his patience in helping me “find that mixing problem”. He is a musical collaborator in every sense of the word. We also play together in a Trans Siberian Orchestra tribute band named Siberian Solstice

Ned Clark: Ned is one of the vocalist/actors/pianists who has his hands in about every community, artistic event in our area.  We have shared the stage in Siberian Solstice.

Kevin Peters: You have got to SEE, not just hear this musician play guitar. Kevin has generously offered his talents on many of the posted songs, and what talents they are. He has perfected a “tapping” style of lead guitar playing that is as much fun to watch as to hear. Kevin performs in  Siberian Solistice.

Kristin Sorensen: Kristin is a vocalist (and fellow psychologist) who I’ve played with in a contemporary Christian band. She was generous enough to offer her vocals on one song.

William O’Connel: Mixposure .com William is  such a good keyboardist that I asked him to add occasional keyboard flourishes on several of the posted works. He has played with innumerable bands and is a great human being.

Ked Dieter: Ked is a guitarist and music producer of incredible talent. He dj’s a radio program on and has a wonderful sampling of his music there. We are in the process of recording a collaborative CD which I am honored to play on. You will never be bored exploring Ked’s various musical styles and talents.

Rob Hanlon: IMW Rob played drums and a collab with Richard Gonzales named “One Voice”. It was a tremendous honor to share the recording stage with such a talent.

Joseph Rodriguez: Joseph is a guitar player who plays virtually any style of guitar as if it is his only style. He has an incredible sense of timing in his music and is an unsurpassed producer.

Michael Duryee:
Michael’s compositions express power, heartfelt power. His songs can make you rage or cry but always, always make you feel.

Bob Ross: Bob plays bass for a progressive group named Eloquent Edge. He adds a “class” to any song, whether just adding his touch or composing the work himself.

Richard Gonzales: IMW Known as Kephas on the music indie sites, he is a guitarist, no musician, who is beyond description. He is influenced by his latin heritage and his guitar playing can rival the very best i.e. Santana. He also is a DJ on IMW radio and a great person. His works sing of the love of God and are dedicated to spiritual renewal.

Peter Tamdog: Peter, oh what a voice. You have not hear powerful, emotional male vocals till you have heard Peter!

Farrell Jackson: Farrell is the lead singer for a wonderful progressive band He’s a versatile vocalist singing tunes from folkish acoustic to hard core progressive rock.

Mack Sanders: Mack Sanders: Mixposure Mack’s vocals have earned him the name of Mr. Smooth as well as several nicknames best left lie. He is a vocalist’s vocalist. He also is a professional dj at  I am so very blessed that he has been willing to lend his vocals to several of my works.

Carol Sue Kirkpatrick: IMW Carol, “my space bud”, is a smooth vocalist and lyricist. Her many collaborations are a treat to the senses.

Jolee: IMW Jolee is a beautiful vocalist from Tennessee who has produced many, outstanding collaberations.

Arthur Kills Straight Putnam: Website Known as “earthsongs”, Arthur plays “Native American Flute” in a manner that cannot fail to touch the soul. He conducts spiritual connection retreats and is a spiritual healer. The music on his many published CD’s is “beyond this world”.

St. John of the Cross: Two of the songs off of “Transformations” borrowed their lyrics from poems of this revered, 17th century, Spanish monk known as St. John of the Cross. Lyrics to “I Don’t Know What” and “Flowing Deep in the Night”  are based on his poems and used in modified form with permission of ICS Publications. They are from The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross, translated by Kieran Kavanaugh and Otilio Rodriguez Copyright (c) 1964, 1979, 1991 by Washington Province of Discalced Carmelites  ICS Publications 2131 Lincoln Road, N.E.  Washington, DC 20002-1199  U.S.A.

Jon Spencer: Jon is an absolutely amazing artist who designed and produced both the CD artwork for Transformations and this website. He is also a talented guitarist, bass player, drummer and vocalist and plays with many outstanding bands. His artistic and personal support have been most appreciated.

Jim Miller: FixThatMix I cannot overemphasize how very patient and talented Jim was in mastering the songs on “Transformations”. I cannot imagine anyone being more dedicated to his craft. Jim also has recorded and produced much wonderful music of his own. This website has provided a wonderful medium for musicians to share, post, listen and learn about music. Is a a great indie music site for listeners as well.

IndieMusicWorks: Another fantastic indie music site where one can listen to and share music.

Project Overseers Music: A third, fantastic indie music site exchange and venue.

Finally, I want to mentioned a musician who doesn’t play, sing or compose a note on any of the posted songs but is instrumental in all of them. Blake Tobias : Blake plays in one of the most incredible, progressive rock bands of the decade….I mean they are GOOD Blake has encouraged, supported, offered suggestions and generally been an incredible friend through all of my musical endeavors. I am proud to know him as a musician and thrilled to know him as a friend.

There are innumerable additional people who have supported, guided, reviewed and basically been great friends. You know who you are and  you are most appreciated and loved.

Thank you all,

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