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David lives in Ohio where he is a practicing Psychologist (website). His favorite instruments are his array of keyboards, however he also enjoys playing acoustic guitar. He currently performs in a Trans-Siberian Orchestra tribute band named Siberian Solstice. www.siberiansolstice.com. He played keyboards in a Pink Floyd Tribute Band named One of These Daze.

Dr. Deal has released two CD’s, “Harmonic Space” and “Transformations”.  “Harmonic Space” is a clinically based CD which aids people in coping with anxiety and sleep disorders.  “Transformations” is a concept album which is both a spiritual autobiography and hopefully, a spiritual vessel. The songs from Transformations have deep, emotional and spiritual intent.

His musical styles are said to range from those of progressive rock bands such as YES and Pink Floyd to Broadway musicals such as those of Andrew Lloyd Weber.  He often adds a little bit of Jazz and Classical flavoring as well.

A Word from David:

I have been blessed with many artistic and musical friends who have offered their talents to my recordings and who have allowed me to add keys to theirs. Some of the musicians who played on the posted songs include Les Brooke, Tom Hannah, Tim Vargo, Andrew Vargo, Cynthia Lugo, Andrea Bok, David Coonrod, Ned Clark, Kevin Peters, Kristin Sorensen, William O’Connell, Mack Sanders, Ked Dieter, Rob Hanlon, Richard Gonzales, Joseph Rodriguez, Bob Ross, Peter Tamdog, Michael Duryee, Nigel Potter, Buddrumming, Bill Smith, P E Bailey, Pete Tebar, Carol Sue Kirkpatrick, Chris Georgio, Bobby G, True Vulgarian, Cooter, EBS, Kitman and “Jolee”. I want to extend special thanks to Earthsongs who wrote and recorded all of the native flute parts which follow each  song in “Transformations”.

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Sometimes, in the midst of a perfectly ordinary day, one is unexpectedly flooded by the magnificence of "what is." Perhaps that moment of awareness and clarity arrives while watching a storm or absorbing a piece of art or kneeling with intention in a church. If blessed, echoes of the past and visions of the future fade from existence as the unknowing silence of the infinite present emerges. With patience and grace, one comes to know the incredible richness of "what is" as a revelation of God's face and the mind is forever transformed into a mirror of creation."

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